GreenAble Films

Berry & Spence has married new age polymer technology with the sophistication of modern co-extrusion techniques to develop our revolutionary range of GreenAble films for baler bag, shrink film and FFS applications.

Advances in metallocene polymer technology have redefined the performance limits of polyethylene film. GreenAble film harnesses the advanced molecular structure that metallocene polymers offer, to present our market with films that are stronger, clearer, and perform better than standard LDPE and LLDPE polyethylene blends.

Run on our state-of-the-art Macchi 3-layer co-extruder, GreenAble films deliver a product that has the following outstanding characteristics when compared to standard polyethylene films:

  • A significant improvement in mechanical strength and puncture resistance;
  • Outstanding optical properties;
  • Excellent shrink properties and holding force capability;
  • Superior heat-sealing performance.

GreenAble films deliver the following advantages for our customers:

  • A stronger, clearer, superior quality product;
  • Extra mechanical strength that allows 20 to 25% down-gauging potential;
  • Reducing their carbon footprint and meeting environmental targets;
  • Saving between 10 and 15% on their packaging film expenditure.

GreenAble Film saves you money while saving our environment.

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