Whilst Berry & Spence specializes in Polyethylene Film Extrusion and Bag on a Roll products our unique and strong relationship with industry associates enables us to offer our customer base a wide range of products and services.

In other words if we can’t make it ourselves we are perfectly poised to facilitate and help you source anything you may require that falls within our sphere of operations. 

Our Range



  • Tubing and sheeting from 250mm – 1700mm wide
  • Clear, colour or tinted, perforated and gusseted 
  • Micron range of 25 - 200
  • Treated for printing and laminating 


  • Tubing and sheeting from 600mm – 1400mm wide
  • Clear, colour or tinted, different colour inner and outer layers
  • Micron range 10 – 200
  • Treated up to 1200mm wide for printing and laminating
  • Jumbo rolls 500mm – 750mm diameter


Bag on a Roll

  • 250mm – 1200mm X any length 
  • Micron 25 – 150
  • Gusseted or Standard 
  • Sheeting to specified lengths

All our raw materials and end products are food and textile approved.




  • Mulch Film
  • Pre-punched Mulch Film
  • Fumigation sheeting
  • Mini-tunnel sheeting
  • Heating tubing
  • Vine ties
  • Nursery Bags
  • Tomato & Cucumber Bags

General Packaging

  • Sheeting – plain – tinted - printed - perforated
  • Tubing – plain – tinted – printed – perforated
  • Treated sheeting for laminating & printing
  • Shrink film  normal + “Green-able” options
  • Form, fill and seal sheeting
  • Sheeting for milk sachets
  • Laundry film
  • Rubber release film
  • Sheeting for water sachets & bunny licks

Bag on a Roll & Flat Packs

  • Bulk for on line bottle packing 
  • Food products
  • Medical waste, fertilizer, rags, tar, coal & wooden products
  • Laundry bags
  • Most bagging requirements

Specialized films and bags

We are able to produce and supply products for most end uses. 

Contact us for your special needs, or fill in our product enquiry form.



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